Chapter 75

How Could You Be Anything But A Success?

Today's Empowering Quote

"To men pressed by their wants, all change is ever welcome."
-Ben Jonson

Today's Empowering Question

"Concerning my thoughts and actions now, am I using my past and present as an excuse for failure or as my motivation for success?"

Today's Fast Session

A number of years ago I heard a powerful story about motivation. I don't remember where I heard it or even if it was true story or not, but it perfectly exemplifies the human ability to transcend circumstances.

My memory of it is fuzzy, so here's my version... with a twist.

A reporter decided to follow up on an incredible human interest story after hearing of two brothers, one a vicious, dangerous criminal to be locked up for the next ten years for his latest crime, and the other a highly respected university professor.

After the arrest of brother number one, he told the police about his brother, his closest living relative.

After the police discovered who brother number two was, a reporter was given the tip that this could be an interesting story.

Upon interviewing both men at length, the reporter learned that their father was a brutal man. He was a hard drinker.  And his brand of teaching his boys "right from wrong" involved terrible verbal abuse no matter where they happened to be.  When they "got out of line," he hit them with belts, his fists, sticks - whatever was handy.

They both told almost identical stories of extreme cruelty.  Neither one was exempt from the old man's anger and drunken rage.

While the boys were 19 and 20 respectively, their father died of a massive heart attack.  Shortly afterwards, the brothers had a falling out and never saw each other again - brother number one moved out of state and sort of fell off the face of the earth... living his life between jail terms.

Brother number two graduated from college and followed a designed path to living a rewarding life of service to his community, his church and his family.

The thing that practically knocked the reporter over was both brothers' identical answer to the same question.

After getting the background on both individuals, the question was, "How did you get here to this point in your life?"

The two answered the question with this same response...

"With a father like mine, how could I be any different?"

One used his father as an excuse, while the other used him as motivation - as training on what not to do.

You see, it's not what happens to you in life that dictates where you'll go and who you'll be.  It's what you do with it.

I'll bet that, right now, you could sit down and list at least a dozen people who have risen up from hellish childhoods, or who are completely different than anyone else in their families in some significant way.  You'll discover that, concerning the differences, there are completely different belief systems, different ways of "looking at" the situations, different motivations and reward systems.

So I'm being honest when I tell you there is no reason on the face of the earth why you can't achieve your next big goal.  None.  I don't care how many times you may have fallen on your face.

Do you want to reach some health milestone after repeated failures? Then decide to.

And stop with the excuses.  You've been lying to yourself too long.

Do you need to learn something, to pass some test, to get a degree or license?  Then get off your backside, shut off the TV and do it.

Do you see a failure when you look in the mirror?  Do you know what to do, but just always decide not to do it?  Then turn the volume of the criticism in your head down.  Shut off the excuses.  Write down on 3x5 cards statements like these:-Good job, I really tried hard.
-I really have quite a talent there.
-I'm quite a handsome man/beautiful woman
-Boy, when I have a job to do I just tear right in and get
it done.

...And read them often.

Write down empowering questions like these:

What is good about me? What could be?  What are the many benefits I will get by doing this or believing that?  Why do I want to achieve (some outcome)?  What is my best character trait?  How can I get (someone) to really truly admire and respect me?

There are thousands more.

And they all make you feel better and more capable.

With this reading as a habit, you will change how you see yourself.

What you're being exposed to now is what I discovered to be the inner differences between the winners and doers in life and the losers and watchers.

And if you think this doesn't work, you couldn't be more wrong.

Think about the two brothers and all the billions, dead and alive, who have risen above their circumstances and their old programming to be, do and have more than it appeared they ever would.  You've experienced this.  Now it's time to turn it up a notch.  Grab yourself a huge goal.

Our Think Right Now! audios are based, in part, on this whole technology.

Go to our site and check out some of the changes people have made using them.  It's downright scary.

When you change what goes in, you will change what comes out... IF it goes in regularly and in the right way.

Come on, make today something special.

Make today your day.

No more excuses.

Take your circumstances and all of your past failures and use them as motivation... as the reason for your imminent success.

Be like the professor.

With circumstances like yours, how could you be anything but a raging success?

Today's Winning Beliefs

-- My success is guaranteed
-- I am motivated by my circumstances
-- I'm lucky to have had my past... it drives me
-- I am what I believe and I believe in me

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