Hello Internet Friend,

No matter who you are or how you got here, you may be thinking, "He's pretty sure of himself with that most inspiring newsletter stuff."

Most times I'm pretty humble.  No one likes a braggart, after all.

But after building THE #1 most traveled personal development product website on Earth (another one of our websites) AND because over 3,000 people individually emailed me in the last 12 months alone telling me that my newsletter has changed their lives... that they've improved their relationships because of it, gotten better jobs because of it, met the love of their life, lost a truckload of weight, quit some rotten stinking habit forever, are now getting straight As in school, ended the abusive relationship, gotten off all drugs (legal and illegal) because of it, and SOOOOO much more...

...well, I just gotta toot my own horn a bit.

You do, after all, want to learn things that can help you to do, be and have more in your life while having tremendous peace of mind, don't you?

Thought so.

Me, too.  Most people do.

The best people to learn from aren't just those who know something...  It's those who know it AND who can teach what they know so that you get it.

Today Is Your Day To Win started out in 2000 as a simple, short newsletter meant to give a little daily boost... 

It's turned into a worldwide phenomenon. 

It got such rave reviews over the years that I published the most rocking 99 Fast Sessions into a 322 page softcover book.  It's been read by over one million people worldwide.  And you don't even have to buy it if you only want to read it online...

Because it's free.

And a subscription to the new stuff is free, too.

Part Chicken Soup For The Soul, part Drill Sergeant forcing you to accept nothing less than the best from yourself, I will absolutely move you to action.  It will help you succeed where you've failed and get you feeling happier and more self-assured than you ever have in your life. 

That is my commitment and my promise to you if you subscribe to this letter.

There is no other newsletter like it on the Internet.

Subscribe now and these are just some of the issues that you will learn about:

  • What the oldest people in the entire world eat to stay healthy
  • How you can change the voice inside your head that never shuts off from talking you into feeling bad and failing and into feeling great and succeeding
  • The unconscious mental patterns of all successful people
  • Surefire ways to stop being depressed
  • What your doctor doesn't know about anti-depressants
  • How to stay motivated to do anything no matter who or what is pulling you down
  • The only three ways to increase your net worth
  • What self-forgiveness is and why it's absolutely critical to a happy life
  • How to sell 2-10 times more of your products and services
  • How you can adopt the self-image of a champion in 5 minutes a day
  • How to be as productive as a multimillionaire
  • What emotions are and how they affect your body on a cellular level
  • Stopping the worry habit
  • Insider information about drug companies
  • How average people just like you become millionaires
  • What the chemicals in your food are really doing to you
  • What you actually get from exercising
  • Supplements - good for you?
  • Rising up to be the most successful person in your family
  • Ending panic attacks
  • Changing from a die-hard procrastinator to a goal achieving machine
  • And a whole lot more.

So the way I see it you've got two choices...

1) Click below to read the archives and get blown away by the helpful straight talk - I won't give you a shoulder to cry on.  Instead, I provide options and ideas.


2) Read the archives and sign up so you can benefit from my most recent research on all things success.

And if you do become a subscriber now, you can be sure of another thing... that I will never ever let anyone else see your email address.  I will only use it to personally give you information that will enhance your life in every way possible.  I hate spam and any other form of unsolicited junk email even more than coming in second place. 

I know you'll find the information beyond this page to be as valuable as 138,000+ other people have.  Enjoy!


Mike Brescia

P.S.  If you don't subscribe, you'll lose in life a whole lot more often than you should and you'll feel rotten a whole lot more than you would if you subscribed now.  Because no matter who you are, where you are from and no matter what has ever happened to you, every day can be your day to win.