Chapter 87

Dream... And Make It Come True

Today's Empowering Quote

"Far away in the sunshine are my highest inspirations.  I may not reach them, but I can look up and see the beauty, believe in them and try to follow where they lead."
-Louisa May Alcott

Today's Empowering Question

"What can I fantasize about achieving in my life beyond the ordinary?"

Today's Fast Session

It was back in '84 or '85, I think.

The new cars had just come out, and one of the new safety features was a change in the rear taillights.  Now, instead of just two backlights, there was an additional one in the rear window.  This is so that drivers can tell that the automobile in front of them is stopping even if they can't see the lower lights, for any reason.

To me, it was an indicator of wealth.

You see, I was broke, broke, broke.

The way I saw it was, if you could afford a new car--the kind with the new headlight in the rear window-you had made it.

I'd project myself years into the future... as I was surely buying my next old junker. If it had one of those lights, I'd have reached the highest level of success that I could hope for.

I couldn't even imagine anything more than that.

My images of the future were of struggle and hardship.

I would hear imaginary conversations all going wrong.  Nothing ever worked out in my mind.

So I never even considered taking any kind of actions that would transport me to a better life.  I never tried hard at anything.

It wasn't until I started using affirmations that things began to change.  After I made my first audio, my life really started to morph into something completely different.

Now, I know that many people have trouble with affirmations. "I can't do affirmations," is a common belief.  That's wrong, because you naturally affirm all day long with every thought you have.

The problem is that you just don't do it CORRECTLY.

I couldn't imagine being successful in a sales career.  So naturally my first attempt was with sales and career affirmations.  Soon my sales skills (and income) grew by leaps and bounds.

I can't stress enough that to succeed at anything, whether it be career, health, relationships, finances or education, you've got to see what you want.  You absolutely must be able to imagine yourself having your goal... You must AFFIRM that you already have it, that you're worthy of it, that you can have it.

See the enjoyment of it. Feel it.

Imagine yourself holding hands with someone.  Imagine looking in your bank account and seeing all the zeroes...after another number, of course.  See yourself getting the A's and enjoying the process of the studying... of the learning.

Notice how it feels.

See the mistakes that are bound to happen as falling off you like rain.  Mistakes will still happen.  And you have to see them as temporary... as fixable.

Most people visualize and imagine success, but when things don't go right, they quit... and exclaim that it doesn't work for them.


It does work.

But if there are 7 steps to success at something and you take the first six, suffer a setback and give up, then you don't get the success.

That's not a horrible thing if you will just wake up, splash some cold water on your face and admit that whatever temporary setback you had was your fault on some level.  Then start your visualizing again.

And if you blame others for your failures, you're doomed.  Done. Finished...

...until you wake up.

I believe it's never too late to wake up.

But the longer you're asleep to the fact that, no matter how many areas of life you may have under control, the part of your life that just doesn't work is a reflection of
decisions you make, the longer you will fail in that one area.

Sure, there may be other factors that ARE out of your hands.

But you can't blame them. Or you'll continue to fail.

Accept responsibility.  Keep your vision alive.  And sooner or later, you'll reach it.

Today's Winning Beliefs

-- I imagine how my successes will make me feel
-- I enjoy imagining a bright future for myself
-- My images of success are getting clearer now
-- I hold the images of success in my mind for long periods
-- I enjoy taking the steps to make my images come true

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