Chapter 78

Don't You Dare Quit!

Today's Empowering Quote

"When I was first diagnosed as HIV positive, I was really scared. I didn't know what it really was. But once I understood what I had to do, I wasn't afraid any more."

-Earvin "Magic" Johnson

Today's Empowering Question

"What information do I need in order to proceed ahead confidently without fear?"

Today's Fast Session

Today's message is about hope.

When Magic Johnson was diagnosed with HIV, like many people in similar situations, he thought it was a death sentence...and that it wouldn't be long.

Many situations like that can cause a feeling of hopelessness.  I know.  We all know.

But when things look down, that's the time to start looking for answers.  You simply must.  When it appears like you have no way out, what do you have to lose by sucking it up and putting everything you have left into beating the odds? What?

Never count yourself out. It's almost ALWAYS too soon to count yourself out.

In doing the research for our program I Am Healed Now!, I was amazed to read study after study showing what the mind has done to heal the bodies of people who were left for dead.  Doctors are often left scratching their heads when someone who isn't "supposed" to recover comes out of it.  The word 'miracle' is often used.

Surely they are miracles, but these miracles often leave clues.  Success at ANYTHING leaves tracks.  God helps those who help themselves, right?

The body and mind are one.  What the mind imagines (visualizes), the body carries out.  And not just in healing itself.

Success in any venture is no different.

This is something you do all the time.  You visualize thousands of times per day. You're so USED to visualizing everyday events so often that you may not realize that you're doing it, but you are.  It could be something as simple as going to the kitchen to get an apple.  You picture it and then you carry out what you pictured.

The key to ultra success is to visualize like you do all day long, but for the things that you want in life.  Your goals.  Your aims.  Your dreams.  This is where faith comes in too.  This is where your already great visualization skills will help you succeed where you'd be tempted to think that you can't.

But most importantly, (and this is the most difficult part), when some verification comes that what you've visualized hasn't quite happened yet the way you want, you
MUST NOT quit.  You must keep going, and make your vision stronger than ever.

Winners don't quit. That's why they win.

If you've been a quitter until now, admit it and get off your backside.  Stop feeling sorry for yourself and start up.

You're going to fall down dozens or even hundreds of times.  That's life.  But DON'T you quit... even if at first it appears hopeless.

When successful people in all areas of life are talked about, they are often called people of vision.  They see what they want or they imagine the conversations before they succeed.  They keep the vision and the discussions in their mind.  That is what keeps them going in the face of defeat after defeat.

I get letters daily from people who say they lost hope.  I say they lost hope LONG before they recognized it. Listen to your inner voice right from the beginning of tasks and journeys.  Are you telling yourself it won't work?  Do you tell yourself that you can't?  Listen to yourself all day.  Every minute.

This isn't only about health.  It's not just about business.  It's about your every moment.

If we were never to have another minute together, ever, and you were only to take this one last bit of info with you and you used it religiously, then you would have a
skill that could carry you to heights that you can't even dream about right now.

This skill of awareness of your thoughts and pictures would not only give you success today, but prepare you for even greater successes tomorrow as well.

Join me. See what you want clearly.  Keep the visions there.  Visit them often, preferably when you're very relaxed with your eyes closed...

... And miracles will happen; every day

Today's Winning Beliefs

-- Regardless of the situation, I keep my optimism
-- I learn what I need to know to get what I want
-- I keep my outcomes in sight and look at them often
-- When other people say 'impossible,' I look for solutions
-- I make miracles happen in my life every day

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