Chapter 77

Love One Another

Today's Empowering Quote

"The tragedy of man is what dies inside himself while he still lives."
-Albert Schweitzer

Today's Empowering Question

"How can I see, or what can I do about, this situation so that it can be a true healing and a strengthening instead of a weakening or a tearing down?"

Today's Fast Session

September 14, 2001

It is with a heavy heart that I write today's letter.  No words or encouragement can erase the circumstances and sadness of the last few days (9/11/01).

This evil wants us all to hate one another, to mistrust and hurt each other more.  I have faith in us all to not let that happen.

A colleague mentioned to me how tough it must be to be a motivational writer right now.  I could only agree that I felt somewhat helpless in being able to make much of a difference to anyone today.

But it later occurred to me that given the tens of thousands of subscribers to Your Day to Win, I could help.

If you're reading this and you believe in the power of prayer, then please pray that the events occurring around the U.S. and other countries in retaliation against innocent people of Arab descent stop right now.  That's exactly what those evil cowards want.  They will only be happy if we start to unravel and end up at war with our neighbors.  So please pray for that to end.  I'm convinced that prayer is the strongest force there is.  So please join with me to end the hostilities.  We can't let them win.

You must know this about yourself... that you can still look at your neighbors and see friends, no matter the color of their skin, their faith, or their clothing.  They didn't do this.

It's already time to trust again and to believe in the goodness of our planet's citizens.  We are all hurting now.  But we all must strengthen our resolve to continue and to find the good in life and in others.

And most importantly, please believe in your ability to carry on. No one thing is bigger than your ability to handle it.  Know that. Believe it.  It's true.  The
people who lost their lives NEED us to come out of this stronger, thus weakening the forces of evil that took them away and still threaten us from without and within.

The powerful beliefs below are for you to use to strengthen your ability and determination now to fight through and win over every adversity and struggle you're faced with.

Remember, you ARE what you believe.  I believe that you and all of us CAN come together to give a positive meaning to Tuesday's tragic events... as hard as that may be to believe right now.

We all must believe.

Today's Winning Beliefs

-- I have unlimited power to make a difference in the world
-- I see the world as a safe and wonderful place
-- I love my neighbors and they love me
-- I support and feel supported by all the world's people
-- I am sending and receiving unconditional love

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