Chapter 74

Will Your Changes Last This Time?

Today's Empowering Quote

"He that never changes his opinions, never corrects his mistakes, will never be wiser on the morrow than he is today."
--Tryon Edwards

Today's Empowering Question

"What are some changes that I should make? How can I make them last?"

Today's Fast Session

A few months ago, one of our cats, Rebecca, got out of the house for only the second time in eight years.  Since she often spends time sleeping in hidden closet spaces, no one had seen her for a few hours and didn't think much of it.

But after hearing horrible noises outside late that night, my stepdaughter came and enlisted me to find out if Rebecca was outside.

Since she's white, I saw her instantly against the dark background of trees in the back yard.  As I got closer, she looked like she had stuck her paw in an electrical socket.  Her hair was standing straight up. After a few very nervous moments, I was allowed to get close enough to touch her and then, gently, bring her in the house.

The next day, the Vet shaved a couple spots to reveal some nasty bites from another cat.  She was hurting really bad, but pretty soon, she was back to normal...

Well, almost.

Ever since, she has been the most lovey-dovey cat you have ever seen.  Every time she's around, which is just about always now, she's rubbing up against us, purring, playing, and wanting to be petted... kind of like a dog except for the purring.

This is a cat that, while never mean, would never even let you pick her up for more than a few seconds.  The only time she ever came really close was to meow for treats.  I think this new behavior is her way of saying, "Hey, all these years I never truly knew what you guys meant to me.  I know now.  And I'm not forgetting it."

She's literally like a different kitty.  And she's NOT reverting back to her old ways.

When studying the behavior of people, we see that most sudden changes usually don't last because they haven't been "cemented in" through time and repetition.  Typically, after a short period, old behaviors come right back strong as ever. Our OLD patterns, our MOST dominant programs... our true beliefs, come back to run our never-ending string of emotions and thus our moment-by-moment actions.

Rebecca's situation, though, was unique in that it was a HIGHLY emotional event.  And those kinds of events tend to re-wire us without the requisite time and repetition before our new patterns can take over.

Since most of us have changes we want to make, and don't want to wait around for a high-intensity emotional event to occur, THAT is why it's so important, in the process of changing habits of thought and action, to repeat the ideas and visualize what you want constantly. Without it, change rarely comes or stays around for very long.  Today, you never see athletes in any sport who don't do this daily.

That's why these newsletters are structured the way they are. Without making the continual effort to install action-producing, winning beliefs, there is no foundation for new behavior that will last beyond a few days or weeks.

It's vitally important to continuously implant the seeds of greatness on a daily basis...

Or nothing on the outside will change.

And it's SO easy to do.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go play with my cat. She wants some attention.

Today's Winning Beliefs

-- I enjoy repeating my most desired beliefs
-- Seeing myself reaching my goals is easy & automatic for me
-- I'm building upon my successes today
-- I feel myself changing and improving by the day
-- Adding new behaviors is so simple and easy for me

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