Chapter 73

Make Today Great

Today's Empowering Quote

"It used to seem to me that my life went on too fast. So I had to take it slowly just to make the good parts last."
-Steve Winwood

Today's Empowering Question

"What is really great or could be great about today?"

Today's Fast Session

Happiness in life, or even for a day, doesn't mean that you run around like a chicken every day talking about how great you feel. And it doesn't just mean that you closed the big deal or your dinner reservation was accepted.  Too many of us look at outside validation to prove to ourselves that things are good.

Trust me, when I was over $100,000 in debt with no earthly idea how it would be paid, if I had looked outside myself to try to feel good, guys in white coats would've been called in to take me away.

Immersing myself in subconscious mind re-patterning was essential.  How do you go from being a person who always wished they were somewhere, anywhere else; someone who couldn't remember what they read for more than a few minutes, having to re-read stuff two and three times to get it; someone who just didn't care about anyone but themselves; who moved papers all over and said they worked a full, exhausting day?

So how can you get on the road to happiness?

-By completely accepting the fact that there are many things you must learn and that you can learn to be as effective and as happy as you dream of being

-By viewing criticism as a chance to learn... (at least in private)

-By trying to find something, anything, to be happy about... every single day.
Even if you do nothing more than plant a big grin on your face all day, doctors have proven that chemicals are released by the brain that mimic those happy pills prescribed by the billions for depression.  Actually, it's the pills that mimic the brain's natural function of producing euphoria.

Here's what I want you to do...

Write down today's question. And underneath it, write at least five things that you can think of that are, or could be, great about today.

Topics can include:
- Your health or someone else's
- The way you feel emotionally
- A bad habit that you've controlled recently
- Someone who has been noticing you- that you like, too
- Positive comments on your work
- Your new suit
- Big appointment coming up and you feel prepared! Or,
- You don't feel prepared but you have time to get ready
- Getting together with friends that you haven't seen in a while
- A new day to learn about yourself and what motivates you

You see, you can go on and on... and you'd better.  It will only take a couple minutes, but will pay gigantic benefits to you.

There are literally hundreds of things that you can pay attention to that can make you feel good... at any moment in time.  At EVERY moment!!

Don't confuse this type of mental focus as being Pollyanna. I'm not talking about putting rose-colored glasses on.  I'm talking about a way to keep from worrying about things you can't control that probably won't happen anyway, about focusing on what's good instead of being depressed about things that are over and done.

Steve's quote about taking it slowly doesn't mean slowing down.  It means being in the moment.  Enjoying the good stuff as it's happening... Paying attention to the good things and being able to appreciate them, instead of only the "problems."

Depressed people DON'T focus on what's good or even what could be good... only on what's not right.  I used to be one of the best "problem focused" people you will ever meet.  And as you will see very shortly, after you finish writing down all you can in response to today's question, you can immediately start enjoying each and every day at levels that seemed unattainable to you before.

Don't just read this and forget about it.  Your happiness today and for the rest of your life depends on your ability to appreciate the fleeting moments that can give you some of the most wonderful memories you'll ever have...

I promise.

Now write down at least 5, and preferably 10-20 answers to today's question...and start smiling.

Today's Winning Beliefs

-- All around me are things that make me smile
-- I appreciate the little things that people do for me
-- I enjoy the process of finding the good in other people
-- I respect the needs of others
-- I appreciate the differences in people
-- Life is good
-- I enjoy myself no matter what speed I'm moving

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