Chapter 70

Appreciate The People Around You

Today's Empowering Quote

"Hay is more acceptable to an a.s.s. than gold."
-Latin Proverb

Today's Empowering Question

"What is the most appropriate form of appreciation and/or service I can provide to each person?"

Today's Fast Session

Aren't you just amazed sometimes about how obvious it is that you or someone around you fails to get recognized for accomplishments? It's easy to see in others isn't it?

When it's someone else who should show the gratitude, it ridiculously obvious, isn't it?

But when it's US that should hand out some thanks and show that we feel lucky to have the support and help we DO get, we quite often are just as guilty of "forgetting" to do this as those we despise. Isn't that right?

I have watched some of the most incredible performers in the work arena get literally forgotten when it comes to pats on the back.  More responsibility and longer hours are what they usually get.  And less thanks.

Is it any wonder that it's tough to keep good employees?  There's an unfortunate tendency to believe that most people just know they're good, or have done well, so we don't bother to tell them.

In the last few years, psychologists recently did a study about what employees want in their jobs.  And pay ranked something like number seven in importance.  That doesn't mean it wasn't important. Just that on a day-to-day basis, that's not what we dwell on when it comes to job satisfaction.

Feeling appreciated and a feeling of being in on things ranked at the top of most lists.

If some of a company's computers worth several thousand dollars came up missing, they'd call the police and a full investigation would ensue.  The company would want them back and would like to see the crooks behind bars.

But if a key employee were to leave suddenly, that person's bosses and the company owners would likely never get down to the root of why they just lost an asset worth possibly hundreds of thousands (or even millions) of dollars!

But I know why.

Most people don't want to take the time (or accept the possible guilt). Most of us simply don't understand the implications of not showing how much other people mean to us.

With great regret, I can say without hesitation that I have been very guilty of this.  But the awareness of it is the first step towards having the power of appreciation help rather than hurt you.

If you say "I guess I should do more of that (yeah, right!)" then you are killing your chances of true and lasting success and happiness in business, career and personal matters.

None of us likes to be taken for granted.  Many people have gone nearly insane because they don't feel appreciated. Think about times when you or someone you know got upset and/or acted in irrational ways.  Aren't many of those times also times when you felt unappreciated, not necessary or that your opinion doesn't matter?

You see? It colors all your relationships--professional AND personal.

Cruising through your days just expecting that John is going to do what you need him to do because that's what he's always done in the past is crazy.  Pretty soon John's going to be gone...

...and you won't even know why.

But now, at least, you'll have that seed of an idea why.

When you'd like a word of encouragement or a compliment of a job well done, even a little acknowledgement, and it doesn't come, notice how it feels.  I hope it doesn't wreck your day, but just notice it.  Feel it.  Well, that's what others feel, too, when their deeds are ignored.

You could quickly become the most popular person in school, work, or just about anywhere else.  Just start noticing small things.  Pick them out and give a quick thanks to the person who was responsible.

Do this for a couple days or weeks and you'll see people instantly responding to you.

Try it out and watch everything change!!!

Today's Winning Beliefs

-- I notice the little things that people do for me & others
-- I'm quick to say thank you for a job well done
-- I appreciate all the things people do for me
-- Other people like to be around me now
-- People like doing things for me now
-- I'm well liked by others
-- My opinion is important to others

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