Chapter 63

Picture This!

Today's Empowering Quote

"If you don't know where you're going, you'll end up somewhere else."
-Yogi Berra

Today's Empowering Question

"What do I look like reaching my goal?"

Today's Fast Session

When the subject of goals comes up, I just get plain excited.

There is nothing like mapping out a plan, working like crazy and despite all obstacles, getting what you were after.  Wow!! No matter what the goal is, even little daily goals, it's exciting.  They build momentum and anticipation.  Just like a road sign telling you that you've only got 3 miles to go.  Cool!

In downtown Syracuse, NY, we have two towers that dwarf everything else in the city--The MONY Towers I and II.  If you're from out of town and you want to get downtown, you don't even have to know the streets. You just keep following the two towers.  And no matter how slow you go, you'll get there... eventually.

This is true of any goal you could possibly have.  The most important thing is to be able to see what you're after.  Or else, as Yogi said, you'll end up somewhere else.

If the goal doesn't exist yet, you only have to use your imagination. If it does; if others have already done what you want to do, watch tapes of them, talk with them.  Read their books.  If someone else has done it, surely you can too. Do whatever you must to keep the vision of you achieving your goal in your mind, especially if you're blazing trails.

This is vital, crucial, a must...

You must keep your goal in front of you all the time.  The bigger, the more challenging the goal, the more important this is.

There are simply too many distractions, roadblocks, detours and temptations that can derail you on the way for you not to keep it in your sights all the time.

If you want to lose a bunch of weight, tape a picture of your head onto a picture of a person who has the body you want. Quitting smoking?  Get a picture of lungs that are nice and pink and healthy.  Get a picture of nice white teeth. Money? Pictures of your dream house, car, clothes.  Grades?  Copy your last report card and put straight A's in place of the other letters.

You're free to get as creative as you want.

See, hear and feel it as often as humanly possible.

Imagine how you'll feel, what other people will say to you, what you'll sound like when you talk.  How will you walk?  What will you think?  Imagine it all.

If you can't see it, you most assuredly won't get it.

Think back to the times that you have wanted something and didn't get it:

Did you keep it in your mind constantly?
Did you visualize getting it?
Did you picture success regularly?

Or did you let every little diversionary thought and distraction get in your mind's way, and keep it from picturing you achieving your goal?

If the answer is the second one, then I hope you've stopped dead in your tracks right now.

This is an important moment.  Right now is a turning point.  If you can't imagine what it will be like to reach your goal; all the steps to get there and what it will be like once you're there, you're done.  It's already over.

Not you though. Not this time.  This time is for success. You are ready.

Be like Michelangelo, who just "released" the David from within the block of granite.

See it, feel it, hear it.
What is YOUR David?

Today's Winning Beliefs

-- I keep my eyes on my goals at all times
-- I easily avoid obstacles because I plan for them ahead of time
-- I reach challenging goals because I just keep plugging away
-- I can because I think I can
-- Reaching goals is exciting; see it-do it, feel it-do it

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