Chapter 61

It's Worth More Than A Bushel Of Brains

Today's Empowering Quote

"A handful of patience is worth more than a bushel of brains."
-Dutch Proverb

Today's Empowering Question

"What can I start on or continue today that will be worth a whole bunch to me later on?"

Today's Fast Session

The lack of patience is ruining the world right now.

Instant gratification is not a reality. It's... an illusion.

You aren't going to be more popular by owning a particular pair of sneakers and you're not going to win the lot-tery.  Do you personally know anyone who's ever won more than $2,000 in any of those government-run scams? If you do, they've put it all back into it and more... guaranteed.

The only thing you can truly count on is if you think the same kinds of thoughts as people who do what you want to do, then you'll take the same kinds of actions.  If you do that, you'll get the same results...

...if you give it time and don't give up.

Perfect example: "I've tried everything and I can't lose this weight."

Sure, tried everything... for a few days.  And if you didn't lose 10 pounds in the first two or three days, you quit.

And what's even worse, those who do lose weight successfully usually "forget" what it was that got them there. Then they slowly get back into the old habits within a week or, at most, a few months.  So they "blossom" once again... and say, "I tried everything. Nothing works for me."

Am I talking about you?

Look you're not going to be the president of your company within the first year. Yes, it's true the company you work for doesn't always make the best decisions.  But you've got to play the game and earn your promotions and higher salary.  It's not always going to be fair.

Patience, my friend...

And persistence.

Life is not as short as it seems. You can't live tomorrow before today. You can only prepare for it.

You've got a lot to learn and plenty of time to learn it...if you look at today as valuable and get off your butt and learn your lessons well.

Don't be so fast to get ticked off at people that don't agree with you. Learn how to persuade instead.  Ask questions.  Get inside people's heads. Only then can you direct them... and yourself to where YOU want to go. Success comes in increments.

Remember the Internet boom where investment in dot-coms was all the rage?  It was raining money.

I remember it too.  I was the VP of Sales for a big dot-com.

That company doesn't exist any more.

Lack of patience and... unrealistic timetables.  Investment firms forgot that it takes profits to keep companies stable, not ludicrous stock valuations.

For whatever goals you're working towards now (you better have some!), put a completion date on them.  If that's what the date must be then commit to it.  But if the date is soft, figure it's going to take longer.

What is the percentage of jobs you start that get done when you thought they would when you started?  Hardly any?

But what's probably closer to the truth is that most truly meaningful goals are NEVER reached.

How come?

Typically it's because when the lust for instant gratification isn't satisfied, we pack our bags and we forget all about it.

The sad truth is that very few people value earning their success. Most just want it tossed into their laps.  We want to be rich.  We want to be popular. We want to get straight A's. Cool.  Then learn from people who've attained long term success in that area, and do what they do.

There's no other way.

Bang your head against the wall. Splash cold water in your face. Do anything that will wake you up to this truth.

Any success takes effort... sustained effort.

But if you still insist on playing instant LOT~TO, keep this in mind.  Over 90% of those big jack`pot winners lose all of it.

Rags to riches and back to rags.

Nine out of every ten.

Why? Because they didn't earn it.  They never learned how to handle money.  They thought money was the goal.

Keep in mind that it's who you become in life that matters, not what you get. If you become more, you'll get more...

And you'll be many times more likely to keep it.

Today's Winning Beliefs

-- I am willing to work for the rewards in life
-- Patience and persistence are two of my greatest virtues
-- When I set goals I achieve them
-- Setbacks are merely delays, not denials
-- I'm learning what I need to know to succeed
-- I use proven, time-tested principles to get what I want
-- I take advice from people who've done what I want to do

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