Chapter 60

Love Is The Answer

Today's Empowering Quote

"Of all the earthly music, that which reaches farthest into heaven is the beating of a truly loving heart."
-Henry Ward Beecher

Today's Empowering Question

"What can I remember, notice now or look forward to that makes me happy and fills my heart with joy?"

Today's Fast Session

Find your answer to today's question before you read any further.  C'mon now. Think...

As many of you know, my grandfather passed away a few months ago.  This weekend my family got together for a 50th wedding anniversary party for my aunt and uncle.  And today we spread Grandpa's ashes on my uncle's property, in upstate New York, as he requested.

As I think about him, I just love him more and more.

And it makes me believe even more strongly that love is probably the strongest power in the universe.

Isn't it true that those you would do the most for are those that you love the most? We often go to great lengths to continue the work or fulfill the wishes of the people we love, even after they pass on, don't we?

It's love, the devotion for something or someone other than ourselves that makes us do this.

It's love and passion that drive us to do well the things that others struggle with. It's often love that keeps us from giving up.

It's only love that could make you give your own life to save another's.

How much more would you treasure today if like no other day before, you had on the tip of your tongue a compliment instead of a criticism... if your mistakes and the mistakes of others were seen as chances to learn new distinctions and become smarter instead of as roadblocks to progress?

You can do that by increasing your ability to take extreme joy in doing your work, in solving problems and for bringing happiness to other people today.

Would your missteps seem almost inconsequential if you loved the process of learning... learning to not make the mistake again?

Every experience we have is filtered by our emotions.  We will act based on how our filters allow us to act.  If the only things we notice about the people we encounter are their faults, their hair, their dress, then we can only treat them accordingly...

By prejudging, hating, feeling superior, being critical and indifferent we are keeping ourselves from enjoying our lives, because our lives are nothing more than the moments inside our own heads... what we think about.

Because we can't control most of the world outside ourselves, can we? To start enjoying your moments and days... and your life, you must do your utmost to allow joy and love in every second you can. How?

I believe it's by appreciating everything and everyone you encounter today. Your setbacks are actually lessons.  So if you look on them that way--the right way--you'll accept them for what they are, you'll learn and move on happier and better equipped for next time.

Watch people.  Try like crazy to notice something about each one that you can appreciate.  Many of these things will be below the surface. You won't see them. You'll have to use your imagination!

Why are so many people sad, depressed, anxious, worried and angry?

Not enough love in their hearts. I'm convinced of it.

How can someone look at another person, and in an instant think all kinds of critical thoughts, yet make the argument that they have a big, loving heart?

Can't be done convincingly, can it?

When you view typical everyday occurrences with anger and frustration, you hurt yourself and those around you.  Isn't that right?

You immediately lose the state of mind that allows you to think clearly and come up with solutions.  But when you love each moment for what you can learn, no matter what the moment brings, it's very difficult to generate anger, worry or panic.

And it's possible to achieve.  Don't think that I'm suggesting that I have this one conquered...

Far from it.

But the simple awareness of this power, or the lack of it in your life, can be enough to send you in a completely different direction. Pick up the book '14,000 things to be happy about.' I think you'll find that it's possible to find love and happiness in even the most mundane things.

Focus today. Put a big note on your monitor, or wherever you can see it often, reminding you to focus on what you can love about things and about people.

If you do this, today should be one to remember forever.

Today's Winning Beliefs

-- I'm constantly focusing on what I love about my life, so I experience more of it
-- I've released prejudice, worry and false expectations from my life
-- I am filled with love for everything and everyone today
-- The more love I give, the more love I feel
-- People who meet me like me right away
-- It's easy for me to find things to admire about other people

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