Chapter 58

Bye-Bye Weeds!

Today's Empowering Quote

"What is the hardest task in the world? To think."

Today's Empowering Question

"When I did (some thing) right, how did I do it?"

Today's Fast Session

No doubt, you have plenty of times that you can recall where you did something very well.  You felt good. Your mood was positive.  Your focus was on the task or game...and you were ON.

You said the right things.  You hit the ball, made the shots, ran like the wind.  Mistakes, if they happened at all, were brushed off and forgotten about.  You were definitely in the ZONE and wanted the day to go on forever.

But it didn't...

The next day wasn't quite as good, possibly.  And within a day or two or six, things were back to normal... average.  Not good, not bad. Just vanilla. 

Is this you?

If not, then congratulations.  But even life's top performers don't regularly pull rabbits out of the hat in every area of their lives.  It's too common for many people to be miracle workers at home or at work, but miserable failures at just about everything else.

Too often, in the area that works, it's more a factor of doing that one thing for so long that you get proficient at it.  Repetition over the years has worn the grooves of mastery.

It happened over time, almost without your awareness.  It just came because you did the same thing again and again.  Through all your mistakes you learned how to get things done fast and easy.

It's too bad you didn't have a course to teach you how to get these same results in everything you do, no matter what it is... training that could help you regularly have this incredible feeling that nothing was above your capability.

But thoughts just kind of pop in and that's the way it's supposed to work, right?  'How could I control my thoughts?' you think.  'They just pop in. I feel a certain way because that's just who I am,' you say.


We get our beliefs if they SEEM accurate.  A few mistakes and BOOM! We define ourselves as not good at something.  It seems to make sense. If other people confirm our suspicions, then it must be true.  Someone does something we don't like or doesn't look right and BOOM! we make instant judgments about them without a second's thought. If the first bite doesn't taste familiar, WHAM! Don't like it.

Most people get a belief about a thing and stay with that belief forever, whether it's true or not.

Where that can be the most detrimental is when it's a limiting belief about yourself and your worth. 

Just because you made a particular mistake a number of times doesn't mean that you'll never be good at something.

Your mind doesn't have to be on autopilot.  Thoughts don't have to just pop into your head. You can control your thoughts.  And when you do start to take control of your mind, your emotions and actions can be similar to the greatest successes the world has ever known.

hen I took the Silva Mind Method training course in the early 90's, I would get into my "alpha state" and repeat, over and over, statements that affirmed my success and ability. I told myself that there wasn't anything I couldn't do.  I took all my limiting beliefs and put them on a mental screen and wiped them off one at a time.

Gone. Adios. Arrivederci. Au revoir.

Any belief that didn't support my new goals got cleaned away. And positive affirmations re-patterned new beliefs of ability, self-worth and confidence.

Keep in mind, I did this regularly. And I still do.

After all, your mind is thinking constantly. And it's impossible to tell yourself that you're a genius once and have it stick. Not when you follow it up with a very human mistake an hour later, and the first thing you're tempted to think is, 'See, I knew I was fooling myself! I am a dunce!'

Your current beliefs took time to take root and the new ones will also take time.  Think of your mind as a field.  You're planting seeds now.  The new shoots will come up and produce fruit, but you've got to water and fertilize them.  You've got to pull the weeds out constantly.

But what you'll have for your effort is some of the sweetest, juiciest crops of empowering and TRUE beliefs you could ever have.  With these new beliefs will come powerful emotions and determination that will astound you.  Sweet Success!

And the nice thing is, your new beliefs are always in season!

Today's Winning Beliefs

-- I've released all limiting thoughts about my abilities
-- My thoughts are positively affirming now
-- I think about consequences before I act
-- My powers of visualization are increasing today
-- I use my past successes as templates for today

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