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Chapter 49

Watch For Potholes, But Keep Your Goal In Focus

Today's Empowering Quote

"Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal."
-Hannah More

Today's Empowering Question

"What have I been paying attention to for the last hour?"

Today's Fast Session

It is absolute genius to be aware of the obstacles in front of you whenever you start any kind of undertaking.  If you don't, then you will be surprised when things go wrong. After a wreck, you'll likely be overheard to say things like, "It was a total shock.  There's nothing I could've done about it."

And the other comical thing is that most people focus ONLY on the obstacles.  They never get where they want to be because after they get started, hurdles appear.  And suddenly the entire focus becomes the hurdles.  The goal gets fuzzier and harder to see.  "What are we doing this for?" is a common thought.

This might seem obvious as you read this, but as I've watched people for many years, I suggest that a main reason most people don't get where they originally steer their ship is that they have no clue where the rocks are... and
once they see those rocks, they throw their compass away.  They get so focused on the obstacles and turned around that it often is impossible to reach their original objective.

Last week, we were watching our seven-year-old Goddaughter, Mary Kate, for the day.  In our back yard, is a big wooden slide/swing set. At the top of the slide, there's a large wooden brace that helps reinforce the
structure.  Well, MK kept hitting her head on it before she slid down the slide. She must've hit her head 15 out of 20 times.

After a while, she'd smack her head and always follow it up with, "Ouch! I always hit my head on this!"

I suggested to her that she might try saying, "I keep my head away from the wood," and "My head feels good."

Notice I DIDN'T say, "I don't hit my head on the wood."  That would force her mind to focus only on the obstacle, and not what she wanted, which was to keep her head away from it.

Now, I only mentioned this to her once.

Well, she started chanting it... over and over!

And in the next 40 or 50 trips up and down, she did not hit her head once.

That's the power of focus... and affirmation to help you keep your focus on the right actions and on the benefit.

Experience tells me that you can apply this in every area of life to get rapid results.

If you want to lose weight, create a few affirmations to help give you direction... and help you stay focused on your outcome and benefits. Repeat them over and over.  A few times a day.

Remember, this is how your brain works...

It's not possible for you to hear something once and have it change your actions permanently... unless it's an incredibly emotional or traumatic experience.

You could repeat phrases like these...

"I love the texture and taste of vegetables."
"I stay away from processed non-foods."
"My body is becoming perfect in its proportions."

Of course there are many others...
Since every area of life has its high peaks and its low valleys, you can most certainly elevate your chances of achieving your outcomes in any or all of them by applying this simple little "secret."

Go back to any time in your life when you reached your outcome, even if that outcome was just peace... relaxation.

You probably knew what the obstacles were and you planned to overcome them.  So you focused on your goal and when you were nearing a potential delay or "pothole," you saw it, navigated around it and moved on... without commotion.

You've no doubt done this thousands of times...

If you want to reach your outcomes in life and do so with little stress...

One of the keys to being successful at a skill set and enjoying the process of accomplishment in it is being able to get to the point where you can become unconsciously aware, without effort, of the obstacles to success and happily move around them without concern... again, without
apparent effort.

That takes practice.

So practice!

Today's Winning Beliefs

-- I keep my eyes on my goals
-- I successfully avoid obstacles because I plan for them
-- I quickly get back on track when delays happen
-- I focus on benefits, so my purpose is always in mind
-- My ability to concentrate grows stronger each day

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