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Chapter 48

We Reap What We Sow

Today's Empowering Quote

"My competitive spirit didn't stop because I became physically disabled.  I never said, "Why me?" After my car accident, I still said, "Now, what's my purpose?" -Joseph Russell (Paralympian, Powerlifting)

Today's Empowering Question

"Isn't it time I stopped feeling sorry for myself & got going?"

Today's Fast Session

Many people don't realize how close athletics are to "real" life.  A lot of people forget that a sport isn't just playing the game once or twice a week.  The preparation before the performance is where the paycheck and/or glory are earned.

You too, won't get where you're going in life, whether it's losing the weight, stopping your most insidious habit or improving your financial health by waiting for the performance...

Every day is the practice. Every minute.

I used to be one of the people who blamed everyone else for my problems.  I ALWAYS asked, "Why me?"

I had this dream of a dream life where I told everyone what to do and they did it.  I wanted to play at the beach every day.  I wanted to be friends with famous people.  I wanted everyone to like me, but I didn't want to do anything for anyone.  I wanted to be a starter on my school teams, but I didn't want to practice hard.  I wanted to be rich, but didn't want to work hard, learn or take orders.

I am not making this up for effect... that's who I was to the core.

By the time I hit my mid-twenties, I was broke in every sense. But I've come to learn that there are no accidents in life.  Everything has a purpose, even tragedy.  Every experience tests us to see what we'll do with it.

My life and millions of other people's lives didn't get better until we realized that every benefit demands a payment... Just like a store that requires money for their goods, life demands that you put in effort and sacrifice for its rewards.  There are no overnight success stories.

The good news is that usually, the sacrifice is only inside your own head.  And this sacrifice doesn't take away FROM you. It actually adds TO you...

...Life gives you back exactly what you put out.

If you think a pill is going to take your depression and anxiety away, you're still hiding from the truth...

...The truth that few people care about the pain of others when it's self-inflicted.  The attention you're getting is only pity.  Not empathy.

When people like Joseph Russell take all the bad breaks they've been given and ignore them and continue on to find and live a life of purpose, you've got to ask yourself, "Am I not understanding ANY of what life's about?"

There are no victims here...

We're all only players.  We all have a role.  So let's find our roles and start joining the teams we'd like to be on.

Life is about learning...

Think about the average six-year-old. They know next to nothing.  It's their role to learn how to communicate, to share, to read directions, to listen, to learn how to get a 15-minute job done in 15 minutes.

That never changes. After we leave our coaches and teachers and move away from Mom and Dad, why do we stop learning about the basics of life? School is not out.  It's never out.

If you haven't already, let's make right now the minute that you decide to learn what it takes to right your ship.  Get it into your head that things aren't going to get better until you start smiling, and realize that every single problem you have doesn't start with how you're talked to, what someone else did to you, where you live,
where you work, who you're married to...

A problem begins when you see a situation and react improperly to it. The problem usually isn't the situation.  The problem is your reaction TO the situation.

Shakespeare said, "Nothing is either good or bad, but thinking makes it so."

So if it's all an illusion, why not choose a happy illusion?


So smile, and focus on what benefits you'll get today if you bring enthusiasm and honest effort to the situations you'll encounter.

I know that's a hard reality. But the longer it takes you to face it, the longer your life will be less than you'd prefer.

Today's Winning Beliefs

-- I take complete responsibility for my responses to situations
-- I respond positively to all situations, no matter what
-- Whatever happens to me, I live and renew my purpose in harmony
-- I am bigger than anything that can happen to me
-- I am willing to keep learning about life and what it takes to make it work

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