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Chapter 42

Empowering Questions = Wisdom

Today's Empowering Quote

"I had six honest serving men-they taught me all I knew: Their names were Where and What and When and Why and How and Who."
--Rudyard Kipling

Today's Empowering Question

"What kind of questions have I been asking myself in the last hour?"

Today's Fast Session

Notice that Rudyard Kipling didn't say that those questions taught him quite a bit. He said they taught him all he knew.

And he knew quite a bit!

You are asking questions all day long just through the normal process of thinking...

And depending on the questions you ask consciously (which programs your unconscious mind to go on asking them in the future without your conscious knowledge), you either experience emotions and develop attitudes that support you in getting what you want in life, or you experience anxiety and worry.

If you are depressed and anxious and have thoughts of worry about what horrible thing is going to happen next, you must look to your thoughts. Watch them.  Too much research exists to conclude anything but this...

If you focus your thoughts on empowering outcomes and ask yourself questions that give you answers that inspire you, then you'll find that your anxiety and panic attacks will reduce.  And with enough practice, they can even go away.  I don't care if you've had chronic depression for decades.

This works.

Your thoughts create chemicals- either depressants or stimulants. Studies prove that when rotten pictures are shown to people, their brains produce rotten chemicals on the spot... The same ones that pharmaceutical companies make when they develop depressants. How do you think they developed these chemicals? They study depressed people!!!

Stimulants are made the same way.  That's how many of these drugs are first discovered. Happy pictures, great questions, emotions of elation and joy.

Fast! Let's study the chemicals we were just able to produce in that brain!

We just get too many emails from people, who've been depressed and living in panic for years, that have been able to change their lives entirely by changing their questions and their affirmations (beliefs).

This daily letter alone has helped to transformed thousands. And all it does is change your focus for a while and urges you to continue your new focus... Because if you do something enough, it becomes a habit.

You can try to escape your problems by changing your environment, but... you take your thoughts with you!

Start asking yourself questions that empower.  To make this stick, you'll have to write them down and read them throughout the day.  Yes, even if you're rich and famous.

Questions like these:

How can I do a better job?
What is really cool about me?
What do I like about my job?
What's neat about my kids?
Who loves me and who do I love?
What's useful about this "problem?"
What can the next hour mean to me if I get this task done?

Each of these questions, and there are literally thousands more you can ask consciously, has answers.  And the answers make you feel good. Why? Because they force you to focus on what's right.  What's good.

Does it mean that your life suddenly becomes perfect? Of course not. But when you are looking in the right directions, you'll see just far enough to get encouraged.  Even if your goal is only to not slit your wrist today.  Hey, you have to start somewhere, right?

Every day that you achieve your modest goal is confirmation that you can do more. And then more...

And when you follow that accomplishment up with the question, "How did I do that?" you get an empowering answer. An answer that teaches you how to do it again later.

This is why Rudyard Kipling could say the statement above with heartfelt conviction...

And why I'm optimistic for you today... All day. And every day.

Write questions down like the ones above in any area of life that is troubling you.

Read them often.  A few times every day.

And you absolutely, positively CANNOT fail to make each day of your life more fun, no matter what outside stressors are working on you.

And isn't that how you want today and the rest of your life to be? (Now THAT was an empowering question!)

Today's Winning Beliefs

-- My questions help me focus on what's right and good
-- I substitute rotten questions with empowering ones
-- I ask great questions and get great answers
-- My life is getting better each day because of my focus
-- I can create joy just by changing my questions
-- I'm successful because I have a disciplined mind
-- I'm great at turning problems into successful outcomes

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