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Chapter 38

Release the pain...and get on with life.

Today's Empowering Quote

"When I left Charlie's place, I asked God to get all the badness, the sorrow, the hurt--all the anger--and leave it in the dust and to let there be a new world, a new life."
-Reba McIntire

Today's Empowering Question

"What would happen if I just let go of all the sorrow, pain and anger - just let it go?"

Today's Fast Session

I recently read a short story about Reba McIntire's life.  I gained a whole new appreciation for her.

If you're not familiar with her, she's sold more country music records than any woman in history.

Her first marriage was very painful.  Just one example of the things she endured was her husband's demand that if they had any children, she'd have to quit singing because he wasn't going to change any diapers.  Imagine a guy who's got a wife who makes tens of millions of dollars, and he wants her to quit because he won't help with the kids.


He never made her feel like she did anything important.

But she never gave in to the treatment she got from him.  Instead, after 11 years of marriage, she divorced him.

That was 1987.

Since then, she's done more in her industry than anyone before her.

You see, you don't have to give in to your challenges.  Use them to make you stronger.

Look at the nay-sayers and tell them they're wrong.  Use their criticism to feed your determination...

When someone tells you that you can't, double your efforts.  They're probably wrong.

And if the worst thing happens, if you think you can' intelligent.  Make sure you're not climbing a mountain that no one could scale.  But if it's doable and if you have the resources, or if you can get them...

...Then get rid of the doubt. Say "I can do it."

Focus on your goal TODAY - RIGHT NOW, and get busy.  Get very busy.

Life isn't going to slow down for you.

If it can be done, you can do it. But not by sitting on your behind.

I love it when I hear people complaining about how some famous person they read about is horrible.

"Not an environmentalist, not a supporter of this cause, they got a nose job, that's not their real hair color, what do they do with all their money, how could they divorce their wonderful spouse, what kind of hair-do is that, they don't compete fairly..."

Oh my God!

And all the while, they're sitting in the back yard stuffing themselves with that dessert they don't need, washing it down with that beer that won't erase the fact that they're a failure in just about every sense of the word.

Do you do this?

Then stop it and get busy making a life for yourself.

Do other people do it to you?

Then ignore them. They're not worth getting upset over.  Are they?

Listen to people who've achieved what you want to achieve.  Seek them out. If you don't know any, then find them.  Read their books.  Study what you need to learn.

Think about it.  If everyone let criticism stop him or her, no one would do anything.  Be like the people that let it fall right off their backs.

Let go of the pain... and accept no more of it.  Be what you need to be when you need to be it.

You're steel.  Arrows of criticism can't harm you.

You're wood.  You won't sink under the weight of doubt.

You're passionate.  Your new goals are too important to let anything get in your way.

And today is the day that you make great progress.  Tomorrow is just a dream. Right Now is the only currency you've got...

...So wisely spend all your energy on getting where you are supposed to be going... today.

Today's Winning Beliefs

-- I ignore my critics
-- I release all fear of making mistakes
-- I'm controlling my destiny today
-- I see my goals clearly and I'm going for them
-- I learned from yesterday, so I'm happy it all happened

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