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Chapter 37

Life Is Tough-The Key Is How You Respond

Today's Empowering Quote

"Every experience that you have that doesn't  kill you can make you stronger."

Today's Empowering Question

"What must I do or think to stay in the state of mind I need to be in to happily succeed today?"

Today's Fast Session

People in the sales profession can rise to peaks of emotion if a call goes well.  In the next minute, their mental state can be in the gutter, due to a bad call or missed appointment.

In truth, we all face those situations during the day, especially in dealing with other people who don't do what we want them to do.

Let's face it.  We all have, potentially, hundreds of let downs every day... but we also have hundreds of possible opportunities to feel good, or at least keep our attitude and emotions even.

When your email is filled with Spam, when someone yells at you on the phone, when you drove for an hour and your appointment doesn't show up... you have a golden opportunity to work on your mind and to improve yourself and your prospects for the future.

Life is everything that's good... and not so good.

You can't change the fact that sooner or later, you're going to get a flat tire or the battery will die.  One day, the phone is going to ring and the school nurse will tell you that you have to pick up your child because she's sick.  Someone close to you is going to die without any warning.

Just the other day, we got an email from a guy who wanted a type of product we don't carry.  He was in an irritated mood even before he got a response.  He said something about don't be a "#%@^*" snob about the product.  Before we
even sent a response!

We told him that we didn't have what he wanted.  He found it elsewhere and he emailed back and went on another tirade about how horrible we were.  Thank God this guy found the self-help product he was looking for, I thought, because he's going to hurt a lot of people before he's through in this life... and THEY need intervention!

I personally emailed him back, and told him that we would be happy to send any future requests for this type of product to the same place he found it, if he would let me know where to send them.

Another tirade about how condescending I was and what poor service we provided.  On and on he went.

Tell me...

Do you flip people off when they make errors on the road?  Do you yell at people on the phone?  When people do it to you do you have to go have a cigarette or a drink to calm down?  Does your heart start pounding faster?  Do you get flustered and become unable to think clearly?

Understand that it's all part of life... daily life.

When you wake up tomorrow, chances are excellent that someone is going to do something stupid on the road.  Don't shake your fist at him.  You'll feel even worse and less able to perform your daily duties.  Plus, you'd be diverting his attention from the road again!!

Think about the consequences of YOUR actions.

I learned about the power of concentration and mental focus years ago, when I was selling face to face.  I would chant a mantra for about 15 minutes before I arrived at each appointment.  I chanted the same one before I started to make phone calls.  My focus was complete.  I could not be distracted.  I learned, by failing to concentrate, that I would starve if I didn't keep my mind clear of all the
crap that the day would no doubt rain down on me if I let it.

The net result was I made more calls than anyone in my industry and my closing ratio was the highest in the world... four times the average.  If I had let those little
things get me down and tick me off, then I wouldn't have been able to enjoy the success I had.

Those lessons are still with me today.  Why?  Because each minute of the day, I tried to remember today's empowering quote.

When bad things happen, there is always some kind of lesson in them.

Either you uncover the lesson or you don't.  It's as simple as that.  If you don't, then you'll continue to get P.O.'d at the most inane stuff, you'll carry on with your
little grudges, you'll fight fire with fire, and your state of mind immediately after these mental episodes will prevent you from performing at your best and/or holding any peace in your mind.

Today, notice what happens around you.  (It's OK to do this tomorrow, too.)

Ask yourself if it is normal.

Don't ask if it's desirable.

Just ask if it's normal, expected, typical, predictable, natural, common, and probable.  If your answer is yes, then it doesn't make any sense to get upset about it, does it?

It's called life.

Then... find the lesson. Learn.  And move forward more happily and better able to keep your focus and your mood high.  You just turned a "problem" into an opportunity.

Your path has just changed.

Learn a lesson from everything that happens to you and from all that you witness, and you won't recognize yourself or your life a year from now.

Today's Winning Beliefs

-- I see the chance to learn in every situation
-- Life is fun and interesting now
-- I am in control of my moods today
-- I accept the possible as the probable today
-- I've let go of all anxiety about today's outcomes
-- I am growing rapidly in my abilities now

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