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Chapter 35

Want To Be Truly Happy?

Today's Empowering Quote

"One of the most amazing things ever said on this earth is Jesus' statement:  "He that is greatest among you shall be your servant."  Nobody has one chance in a billion of being thought really great after a century has passed except those who have been the servants of all.  That strange realist from Bethlehem knew that."
-Harry Emerson Fosdick, D.D.

Today's Empowering Question

"What can I do for someone today that will help them now?"

Today's Fast Session

Yesterday, I got a real slap in the face.

The owner of an auto service business I had been going to for many YEARS, treated me more or less like a common criminal.  I had forgotten my wallet, but I had my AMEX card (which he doesn't accept) in my pocket.

So, instead of letting me go home to get my wallet, he insisted that someone bring a form of payment before he would give me the keys to my car.

He said, "So you want me to chase you around to get paid?"

He actually said that to me.  For $28.  He knows me.  I've been going there for years.  I see him on the average of every two months.

This is an extreme example of not being able to see the forest for the trees.

Most of the sticky situations we all find ourselves in don't usually SEEM clear as to what we should do.  But it probably is clear, if you are.

Look at today's quote again.

From the time we're able to do it, we like to help people. My son, who's three, says, "Mickey help too!"  After he "helps," we thank him profusely, and even applaud.  Usually, he immediately does something else to "help" too.  We all like to be recognized and appreciated.  When we're toddlers, that's why we do it, right?

Because it makes us feel good...

When do people usually stop being so enthusiastic about helping out and serving others?  Isn't it often when they feel it's under appreciated?

I don't know about you, but I just had a breakthrough as I type here.  Wow!

I just thought about all the times when I hid out trying to avoid doing anything.  And it occurs to me that I wasn't going to get any kind of heartfelt thanks.  Or any kind of thanks.  Just criticism if I didn't do something perfectly.

My mind also went to times when I was the critic and wondered why I didn't get enthusiasm and eager help.

I'll bet if you sat down, got quiet and got real honest with yourself, you would realize that one reason you often don't perform at your best, and look to help out more often is the lack of appreciation.

This is where the value of healthy self-esteem and confidence comes in to play.  It must take over when the outside world isn't recognizing you for your contributions.

You must recognize you.

You must affirm your value and your ability constantly.  This is what separates the winners from the losers...

The haves and have-nots.

The happy from the desperately depressed.

If you can't do something unless you get outside encouragement, then you're going to be sitting around a lot.

Serving others and being a "self starter" is what success is all about.  I hear, "What should I do?" every day.

First you've got to get focused on other people.  Helping others is why we were put here on earth, not to play and entertain ourselves all day.  If you don't help anyone throughout the course of each day, you have no purpose.  You don't have to have tremendous strength and capabilities to make yourself useful.  Just the ability to care.

Even a sympathetic ear can be the biggest help sometimes.

When I train new salespeople, the first lesson is always about getting clear on why you're calling someone.  It's to help THEM.  They must love their customers so much that it comes out in every word, every action.

That's why you were put here.  Make that the focus of your days and your hours. You'll get the appreciation you crave, if you do.

And if you don't?

Well, that's why we include affirmations in every letter.  So YOU can give it to yourself, and so you can instruct yourself instead of waiting for someone else to tell you what to do!

Today's Winning Beliefs
-- Service and I are one
-- My purpose is to serve others
-- I get everything I want when I am useful to others
-- The more people I help, the more I receive
-- I have the ability to help others how they need it most
-- Love stands behind all my actions

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