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Chapter 33

What Would They Do?

Today's Empowering Quote

"The principles you live by create the world you live in; if you change the principles you live by, you will change your world."
-Blaine Lee

Today's Empowering Question

"What would (name of a successful person) think about this?  What would they do in this situation?  Then why don't I do that?"

Today's Fast Session

Picture in your mind someone who has already accomplished one or more of the very large goals or far off dreams you have.

This should be a real person.

You see, in pursuit of whatever place we think we want to be, there are many people, dozens... maybe millions of them who have succeeded before us.

And they hold clues.

"Well, of course," you say.  "If I want to put a barn up, I have to learn how from someone who's built one before."  "To be an accountant, I need go to school."

It's "common sense," as they say.  But when it comes to reaching some "dream" we've had for a long time, common sense isn't so common.

Think of a big dream you have.  C'mon, you've got one...

Getting down to your ideal weight... Building a successful business... Coaching the school team to a winning season... Creating the love for math, reading or science in your students...

Have you had this dream (not quite a goal) maybe for years, even decades, and not followed through?

Why do you think that is?

Are you lazy?  Stupid?  Well maybe, but probably not.

The reason why most people don't reach their dreams and have trouble with self-control is that they don't have the same core level beliefs as people who've succeeded where you've failed.

Smokers typically believe that they will not die from it.  Or they believe that the taste is good... Or that they truly "need" to smoke to handle the stress of the day.  These false beliefs number in the hundreds, typically.  Conversely, the typical life-long NON-smoker believes just the opposite to the core of their being.

Successful business builders have thousands of beliefs that differ from those who've never tried or who've failed repeatedly.

But this is rarely even considered...

Most people blame fate or lack of knowledge for their failures.  'How could what I believe be wrong?' is a typical bewildered question.

You give me any person who just failed at achieving some big wonderful goal that would have made a huge positive difference in their lives, and I guarantee there are hundreds or thousands of underlying beliefs that sealed their fate from the very beginning.

This is why "How-To" products fail 95+% of the time.

Want a funny example?  O.K.

How many absolutely horrible web sites have you been on, even though there are literally dozens of terrific books written about web design and ecommerce?  Good question, huh?

You see? Information alone doesn't matter.

Owning the mental factors that create the drive and the discipline is what matters. If you have that, it doesn't matter if you don't know WHAT to do.  You'll go learn it, and you'll succeed.

If you've been in your field for 20 years, for example, and some hot shot comes in with only 2 years of experience and blows by you, it's your beliefs that have killed you.  Your beliefs control your attitudes.  And they dictate your emotions, which directly control your actions.

So if you routinely put important things off, do sub-par work, and generally have some areas of your life that just plain stink, then open up the closet and look at your assumptions.

A 30-second exercise to experience the power of belief:

Pick an area of life that isn't working for you at all.  Health, weight, bad habits, relationships, career, financial, sports, school... you choose.

And grab a pen.

Have you planned out everything you need to do to reach your goal?  Are you confident you'll absolutely reach it?  When you make a mistake, do you often get down about it and get stalled?  Do you believe you deserve success, even though there are millions of others who are just as deserving, but fail?  Will factors outside your control dictate whether you'll succeed or not?  If it would take many months or even years to achieve your goal, is that fine with you?  Is following through on what you know are right decisions in this area somewhat difficult?  There are literally hundreds more questions, but we'll stop there.

Now, imagine the MOST successful person you know of in that area of life.

Now, look at the questions again. 

What do you imagine their answers would be for each of them?

The answers, most definitely, are completely opposite.

You see how disempowered, false beliefs hold you back?

Because this is such a foundational issue, when we create any new Think Right Now! behavior modification program, that is the first place we examine when comparing successful and unsuccessful people.

Sure, we look to past life experiences that may have helped to create the rotten programming, but traumas alone don't explain most future failure.  Failures and trauma are often the fire that propels MANY people to great success and happiness.

It's not what happens to us that matters most.  Life is a challenge no matter who you are.  It's what we believe about what happens that decides our future... and our destiny.

If you want to learn more about belief systems, there are a number of good books on the subject.  It's a fascinating and worthy subject for study.

If you want to alter the beliefs that are holding you back, then the best place I know of to help is at

We've helped thousands of people change their automatic, unthinking responses with little or no effort at all.  This has made even elusive success for so many easier that they ever dreamed possible.

Check out what some of our clients say about the process.  It's pretty darn impressive.

Today's Winning Beliefs

-- I absolutely believe that I can reach my biggest goals
-- I'm just as deserving of success as anyone else
-- I control my actions and my destiny
-- Right decisions are coming easily to me now
-- Answers are coming to me easily now
-- I can handle any situation that comes my way

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