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Chapter 31

You Can't Fake Character

Today's Empowering Quote

"A man's reputation is the opinion people have of him, but his character is what he really is."
--Jack Miner

Today's Empowering Question

"What do I really want my life to be about?"

Today's Fast Session

I'm glad you're here.

I've been training and helping people for what seems so long now that I forget sometimes that these letters go out to people in all situations... From multiple PhD's to night clerks at run down motels to people whose only computer is at the YMCA where they shower.

Regardless of where you are, do you really want to be there?

I mean, I used to work seven days a week constantly in pursuit of the dollar, and after some time I just stopped, caught my breath and said, "What do I want to do with my life?  If I could do anything I wanted, what would it be?"  Chasing money was unrewarding.  I earned money but life was getting away.  Friends were having fun experiences and I was working.

I know, you're thinking about the stories that I tell about my records and accomplishments.  And they're true, but more than what you get from your achievements must be what you become.

It must be... or you're living a life without meaning.

Like you, I've known so many people who lie, cheat and steal and justify it with every ridiculous argument possible.  "I'm no worse than anyone else," I hear.  "So what",  "I can't help it."

Does donating money or volunteering make you feel good?  Super.

But in your life every day, what jazzes you?  Figure it out and do more of it.

It comes down not to values, but character.  You can value some pretty off the wall stuff... But character is like a classic suit.  Everyone agrees on it.  It's what people admire.

And you don't have to be wealthy or connected.

You just need a set of guiding principles.  I'd recommend reading 'The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.'  If you're not a book reader, get the 6 tape program from Nightingale-Conant.  And listen to it again and again.  You can't imagine what you'll be exposed to.  It's like God talking to you.

If you know what you stand for, if you don't feel hate or fear of everyone that's different than you then you're in a good place, so far.

If those characteristics don't describe you, then take a drive and spend some time alone and just be quiet.  Ask yourself what it is that you want to spend the rest of your life doing.

What is your life to mean?

For me, it was helping people.  As many of you know, I came from as far down as you could be without living behind bars.  But it was a prison in my mind.  I had nothing.  No hope.  I had failed so many times that it was just a foregone conclusion that life was going to be fast, wild and probably short...

And then I read 'Superlearning' and 'The Greatest Salesman in the World.'  That led me to developing the first audio tapes that ultimately led to founding Think Right Now! International.

A 180 degree change almost overnight.

That's the type of question I'm asking you to ask yourself.  What legacy do you want to leave?

If you ask you shall get an answer.

Take that answer and use it to guide your every day.

Today's Winning Beliefs

-- I let the compass guide my actions today
-- I value my character as more important than any possession
-- I'm proud of who I am and who I'm becoming

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