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Chapter 27

Borrow Someone Else's Brain!

Today's Empowering Quote

"The body travels more easily than the mind, and until we have limbered up our imagination, we continue to think as though we had stayed home.  We have not really budged a step until we take up residence in someone else's point of view."
--John Erskine

Today's Empowering Question

"How would (insert name) handle this situation?"

Today's Fast Session

One of the things I hear most from people, and that I notice about myself, is that when you get an idea about going after some cool goal, often it's dismissed in a millisecond because you can't imagine taking the steps necessary to reach it.  Imagining something that doesn't exist yet is a skill that very few people have...

But it just may be the single most important factor or skill in living a happy, contented, and productive life.

Usually, we don't get the outcomes we want simply because we can't imagine it.  We aren't able to imagine saying the right thing or being confident no matter how much we prepared.  We don't feel creative or successful, so that part of our mind stays hidden behind a brick wall.  It's there, but we don't "let" it out.  We "can't imagine it..."

Microwave ovens, disposable diapers, machines and email grew out of someone's mind.  Forks had to be invented, too.  All from the mind of a person.  In fact, simply learning anything OLD requires imagination.

What you may not realize is that in just a few minutes a day, you can use your imagination for some other very interesting things... useful things.  And if your ability to make real something that doesn't exist today is lacking, I have a new and simple tool for you.  I'm amazed every time I do it.

It's literally a "no-brainer."

If you want to learn something or do something you've never done or done well, try this.

You can do this for absolutely anything, but let's say you're trying out for a play.  Ask yourself who's done this before?  Who's good at this?  The simplest answer is to think of an actor you admire for their talent and range.  My stepdaughter is going through this right now.  So she chose Sarah Michelle Gellar, one of her favorite actresses.

What you do is this: When you need to perform at your best or if you need to get great ideas, replace your own head (or mind), figuratively speaking, with theirs.  You imagine their head is put in the place of yours.  Got the picture?

Once you've done that, ask yourself what they would do now.

-How would they stand?
-What would they think about their chances?  What is their confidence level?
-What kind of look would they have on their face? 
-How would they walk?
-What kind of pictures would they see in their mind's eye?
-What would they be imagining?
-What would they do?  And after that, what?  And on and on...

Sit down, close your eyes and imagine it.  Have a piece of paper and a pencil next to you.  Give yourself 5 minutes.  Have all the questions above and more in your mind.

Become that person...

Studies have been done on this phenomenon and frequently found that at the exact moment the imagining exercise was being done by a person, others observed that person to be actually doing, saying or acting in the manner that they were imagining!!

School children who've never been good students have been transformed into 'A' students literally in minutes, just by imagining themselves as top students.

It's simple.  You don't need training.  But the more often you take these 5-10 minute "breaks," the faster you'll get the answers you want, the better you'll do your job or the better your grades will be.

Use it to improve your work performance and get that promotion and raise.

But if you're a gotta-have-it-now person, keep in mind that this will work and work quickly.  But if you think that next week you'll be getting a raise, based on your great performance of the week before, success still demands that you continue to perform daily.  Long-term rewards come in the long term.

So pack this one in your arsenal and pull it out whenever you need to effortlessly overachieve or when you're stuck.  And if no one is there to pat you on the back, do it yourself.  Or imagine someone you respect doing it.

Do this.  It only takes 5 minutes.  You just may get an idea that will revolutionize your entire life; and maybe everyone else's too!

Keep in mind that success is seldom complex.  Just because this "seems" too simple to be effective, don't dismiss it.  If your success and happiness are important to you, choose an area of life where you want to perform well and do this exercise.

5 minutes. How about right now?

Today's Winning Beliefs

-- My imagination muscles are getting stronger today
-- I've dissolved all blocks to a vivid imagination
-- Great ideas are coming quickly and easily to me now
-- I imagine successful outcomes with ease
-- I use the success of others to develop my imagination

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