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Chapter 24

Value Your Time And Your Value Will Rise

Today's Empowering Quote

"Time ripens all things.  No man is born wise."
--Miguel De Cervantes

Today's Empowering Question

"What can I do right this second that will change who and what I am a year from now; 4 years from now?"

Today's Fast Session

It just drives me crazy to see people that are supposed to be busy doing something, but they're hiding out.  Yeah, I'm like a former smoker who can't stand the smell anymore.

What I mean is I was the biggest procrastinator you've ever met, in my early years.  I'd spend an hour trying to get out of half an hour's work.  What a circus.  My parents, teachers and employers weren't very amused.  TV was big in my life.

What a shame.  What an incredible limiter of life.

Today, I have a pact with myself.  If I see a task that has to be done, I do it then, schedule it, or delegate it and make sure I follow up with the delegate.

Life has a way of loading more stuff on you as your responsibilities grow, so it's important now to become time wise.

Next month, or next year, when your skill at using time effectively is evaluated... or when you need to get something done fast, you'll have developed your ability-and you'll succeed.  You'll be rewarded.

Isn't it amazing how, after a week or a month in preparation of a deadline, you're still working on it minutes before it's due?  Why is that?

Poor planning... "Killing" time, hiding out.

If some thing you have planned is going to take a Herculean effort and may take a team, put the time into planning and delegating.

Don't you feel like a dog when you're hiding from a task?  I know I did.  I just felt like a criminal.

Want to feel like you deserve an award?

Want to feel like a hero?

Want to be admired by everyone?

Then watch yourself and how you use your time.  If you catch yourself sitting around watching TV, shooting the bull or reading unimportant magazines or newspaper articles, stop immediately and do something that will make one of your ambitions come true.

That is what all effective people do.

You'll enjoy yourself once you get started...

That's the toughest part.

A year from now, you'll be a year older.  Will you be any wiser?  What are you here for exactly anyhow?  What's your purpose?  If you don't know, go to, BN or and search for a book about developing a mission.  Stephen Covey is a great person to read.

What if you're 80 years old?  A mission can add a bunch of enjoyable years to your life.  Why are you sticking around?  Be productive.

The man across the street from us is 84 years old and his lawn looks like Disney World.  It's his passion.

Get a degree.  You've got the time.  Be honest with yourself.

I learned an interesting technique a long time ago...

I talk to myself like I'm an advisor... to myself.

I tell me what to do, given the facts and situation.  This way I can be less of a wimp when it comes to making tough choices with my time.  Instead of immediately thinking I can't do a particular thing, I hear that voice that sounds like me but is much tougher than a person would normally be with themselves.  Kind of like a drill sergeant in your own head.

All I can tell you is that it works.  I rarely hear "I don't know..." for long before the sergeant comes in with, "It'll only take a minute. Get it done and you won't have to worry about it later."  It always makes sense, so I do it just to shut me up!!

No matter what you may believe, you were born with tremendous ability.  Use your own brain.  It can help you do so many things that you can't imagine.  You're NOT weak.  You're strong.

You're NOT stupid.  In many areas, you've got genius capabilities.

Pull it out of you.

You are worth it.

Today's Winning Beliefs

-- Today I'm performing at my best
-- I love staying busy
-- When I see a new task, I do it, schedule it or delegate it
-- My time is valuable and I treat it that way

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