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Chapter 14

Do It - Now!!

Today's Empowering Quote

"Putting off a hard thing makes it impossible"
--George Horace Lorimar

Today's Empowering Question

"What's the one thing I've been putting off that, if I did it, I would feel the weight of the world lifted from me?"

Today's Fast Session

You have things that you've been putting off, don't you?

Is there a secret that keeps it from happening?  I've heard a rather idiotic suggestion of putting off putting it off.  But somehow I don't think that'll work for most.

Procrastination is a habit.  My wife will be the first one to tell you that I procrastinate a lot.

...But in my opinion, there is a right way and a wrong way to do it.  OK, I'll tell you the right way.

I put off unimportant things.  Now I don't consider obligations to other people that are counting on you to be unimportant.  THAT'S important.  Cleaning up after yourself is important.  Cleaning the garage can wait.  That's just my opinion, you see.

In the years since I "woke up," I've seen co-workers, bosses, employees and vendors' employees take short cuts, not do things they said they were going to do, put important things off -- and it affects other people dramatically.

Their reputation gets ruined. No one trusts them any more.  And even worse, their lives will be mere shells of what they could be...

...Because putting important things off is a habit.  A rotten, stinking, dirty, selfish and self-sabotaging habit.

What?  You think it's alright to commit to someone that you'll do something and then blow them off?  Five-year-olds do that.  Not responsible adults.

And not you... not if you have any desire to have a happy productive life.

I learned years ago that all I had to do most times was just show up with my game face on and I'd win.  When I was selling one to one every day, I made sure that the most important things got done and worked on my to do list in order of importance, not in order of how much fun the tasks were.  And I earned at least double and often ten times what my stunned co-workers and competitors earned.

That's what I mean by there's a right way to procrastinate.  Don't put too much on your plate.  If you don't, when someone gets on your case about not doing such and such a thing, you can truly say you were too busy.

After all, you have to have SOME free time, right?

Is this hard?

Not if you look at the benefits of doing the most important thing, instead of the things you're "missing out" on.

What's more important to you - what you GET right now, or what you BECOME in your life?

Want to make breaking this stinking, insidious habit easy? Good.

Then take the statements below, put them on index cards and read them three times per day.  Morning, noon and just before you close your eyes at night.

When you actually believe them, you'll act upon them and you'll have given yourself choices in life that few will ever have.

Today's Winning Beliefs

-- I love doing the most productive thing possible at every given moment
-- I have plenty of time to do the things I want to do
-- I get everything done on time
-- I see time as a precious gift and I use it well

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