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Chapter 13

Don't Worry...Just Smile

Today's Empowering Quote

"Good humor is tonic for the mind and body.  It is the best antidote for anxiety and depression. It is a business asset.  It attracts and keeps friends.  It lightens human burdens.  It is the direct route to serenity and contentment."
--Grenville Kleiser

Today's Empowering Question

"What tense situation can I look back on and laugh about?"

Today's Fast Session

In continuing our previous discussion on humor, how it can help us, and what the lack of it can do, today's question is a terrific clue about the value of humor.

In asking it of yourself, you HAVE to get an answer.  You'll find an answer in a memory of something that really got your furnace hot.  When you think about it now, it not only doesn't get you mad but it probably seems funny or at least neutral.

We often let our emotions control us, thinking the worst without pausing first...

The act of worrying, for example, is a major illness today as, of course, it has probably been since the dawn of mankind.  I say illness not to give you one more excuse for not taking ownership of your own actions, but to highlight the misery it can cause.

Boy do people love to worry, huh?

We get all worked up about things that haven't happened yet, but "probably will" ...and rarely ever do.

Let me make a point here.

Being PREPARED for the worst is not worrying. That's productive. Heading off problems is valuable.  Worrying is thinking about a negative outcome and not letting it go.   Losing sleep over it. Not having any humor about it or about anything else until what you're fretting about has passed.

In sports, who usually wins - the team that's loose and care-free or the team that's tight and worried about making mistakes?

It's been estimated that ninety nine percent of all the things that most of us worry about never actually occur.  And in those rare times that what we're worrying about does happen, we say, "See, I knew it!"  Most of us live "problem centered" lives and defend it as being realistic.

People with a developed sense of humor rarely worry about things that they don't have control over.  It's insane to bother yourself over things you can't affect, isn't it?

Come on now, be honest!

Also, don't you envy those people who can crack just the right joke at just the right moment?  Those who can break the tension with the right words ...almost on cue?  I don't mean tasteless jokes.  I'm talking about good, clean, witty humor.

Don't they make us feel good just being around them?

State enhancers is what they are...

Having a great sense of humor makes you popular. It keeps your blood pressure lower.  It helps you sell better.  It can help you worry less and do better work every minute of every day.  It has also proven to be able to heal the sick...Even when the sick have cancer and other serious diseases.

The world is small. We've all heard those stories by now, haven't we?

Let's develop our own humor muscles... today. Right now.

On a piece of paper, write a big W (For "Worry") in the middle.  Use up the whole sheet. And in the place where you work or where you spend a lot of time, tape this sheet on the wall.

That's your trigger...

When you're in the middle of a big fat worry - no matter how seemingly unimportant it might be - look at your W and ask yourself, "What can I find to laugh at in this situation?" or, "What is funny about this?" or, "How can I look at this and stay optimistic and light?"

That's the great thing about questions.  They're free.  You can ask yourself any question you want.  No tolls.  Just ask the right ones and you'll be miles ahead and on the right road.

And guess what?  You'll feel better.  And if you put that W on your wall and make this questioning a daily habit, it will become automatic, and you'll get all those benefits I just listed and lots more.

Dozens and dozens more.

If you think that putting a big W on your wall is juvenile, what is worrying and fretting over things that usually never happen?

Point made? Good.

Black markers make nice W's, don't you think?

Today's Winning Beliefs

-- I have a great sense of humor
-- I look for and find the humor in all situations
-- I release all tension and worry from my mind and body
-- Tension and worry has left me now
-- My sense of humor puts others at ease

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